Manage content from across the web for your convenience

Did you know?

There are hundreds of thousands of hours of video uploaded every single day to YouTube. Can you image how many hundreds of thousands of hours of content are being created across the internet that you're potentially missing out on?

Everyone has something to teach

That's the beauty of the internet, there is always some one out there who are passionate and prepared to impart any wisdom they have gathered to whoever may listen, in pratically every format out there.

Solution after solution

We have all tried to roll our own solution to the Information Overload that we experience on a daily basis, every major internet company of the last decade has had it in some form or fashion. But it was never about you and the content you consume - it was always about keeping you on their platform and showing you what they want you to consume.

It can be done better

There is a lot of content that we could consume that could help us, either in our work or in general. It could give us new hobbies, or provide better understanding of problems. It could just make us happy. We're missing out on far too much.

Introducing Mrkff

Everything you'll need to ensure you never lose another piece of content to the internet

A Single Click

Is all it takes to save that web page to your personal list(s). Accessible from anywhere, organize your saved links to several lists, and let the web extension issue reminders daily for things you've saved.

You are the Algorithm

We parse the page, gathering tags, summaries, domains, and the full text of the page, and make it all searchable by you.

Built By Power Users For Power Users

I built Mrkff because I had need for it. I am constantly scanning throughout the interwebs for content to read, to learn, and to understand. I needed a way to make it all searchable and thanks to my poor memory I needed something that reminded me of what I've saved. Thats What Mrkff is.